The Iran Project Scrapbook
Reese Erlich and Keith Porter traveled through Iran for two weeks gathering material for the radio program and this Web site. They were struck by the hospitality of the people and the deep political differences evident among Iranians at all levels of life. Here are some thoughts, photos, and audio clips from their time in Iran. Once back in the United States, Reese recorded an exclusive interview with Walter Cronkite, host of "The Struggle for Iran," about Iran and the US media.
  1. Scrapbook Cover Page
  2. Tehran: Scenes
  3. Tehran: Friday Prayers
  4. Tehran: Vanak Square
  5. Tehran: The Paykan
  6. Qom: Computers in the Holy City
  7. Mashhad: Voluntary Repatriation
  8. Mashhad: Workers
  9. Mashhad: Afghan Musicians
  10. Torbat-E Jam: Refugee Guest City
  11. Interview: Walter Cronkite
Photos by Reese Erlich and Keith Porter
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Thousands of men bow in prayer.
Loading a truck headed for the Afghan border.